Boss dos and donts

Boss dos and donts

Sometimes I do wonder why business owners go do out of business more often. They are many reasons why businesses run out of business, I can see the boss is always to blame for 5 reasons.

Reason # 1

Bosses don’t listen to Staff or anyone else but themselves, We call them Stuburn, It has to be there way or the Hwy, While Staff can’t argue or do anything about it.

Reason # 2

Bosses do like to pay less for marketing the business, By trying to negotiate the marketing for very less than what it worth. As you know marketing work scope it gets calculated by the hours and the size of the projects, less marketing management Fees has to be made by the marketing company, The less the deal the lesser the fees are, that will impact the size of work and the marketing to be less, this will cause lesser ROI for the Advertiser, So please do your self a favor by not negotiating your company marketing proposal.

Reason # 3

Bosses don’t care much about Employees one of the most reasons why some companies dont Succeed to build their Brands, Most Bosses Don’t appreciate their employees causing the employees to think to quit or find other jobs, sometimes a boss can cause stress to the employees more than the stress that they have in their own life, then Employees work performance will be less than if they were happy. Keeping the employees happy will make the company more productive, which is leads to more profits, Simple advice for Bosses, Keep your Employees happy to gain more success.
Bosses do Complain a lot about a deal or sale they lost, This will make the employees feel down about that, while they think in their minds maybe the boss trying to blame someone, Instead, keep them encouraged by saying we can do better next time because of we the best company.
What a Boss Shoud do?
keep your sales high by investing in your sales team, try to increase the commission to keep more sales staff, let them sell the product using there own regular tone, Sometimes too much formality in the sales will push the clients away, Keep the sales Genuine and let the client feel real people and real service. Bosses try to over write the sales by yelling or acting mad, ending in the losing of the sale, in some cases, the salesman also will walk out. Small whisper to the Boss ” Just leave the sales team be them selves on their sales, and set back and watch the sales, Simply believe in them “.

What Boss Should not do?

Boss do try to ignore the necessity of the digital media, with over 7.5 billion people in the world uses internet, there about 2.5 billion people use social media every day, Boss thinking it’s okay not to have Digital media marketing service, While 85% of the clients/ customers follow social media, with social media presence for the company online, it will bring more trust and legitimacy for the brand, the more clients/customers see the brand the more the company will succeed.
Please DO let me know if you have any questions about Digital media marketing, I will be happy to answer.
Ceo/Ibrahim Bazed